Chill Terms and Conditions

Here we have listed our Terms and Conditions for the Chill Pass, hire and tours. Please note these are subject to change, you can contact us if you have any questions by emailing or phone us on 03 365 6530.

2020 Chill Pass Terms and Conditions

The legal side of the Chill Passes, please make sure you read and understand the Terms and Conditions before purchasing your pass. These will give you an idea of how the Chill Pass works, including use of the pass on the mountain.

The term Chill Passes refers to: All Full Season Passes, Travel Passes and 30 Day Passes.

2020 Chill Passes will be valid for the applicant’s personal use from the date of issue until 26 October 2020 on days when lifts are operating, at Ski Areas on the 2020 Chill Pass.

Chill 6 Ski Areas include: Porters, Cheeseman, Broken River, Mt Olympus, Temple Basin.

Chill 12 Ski Areas include: Awakino, Broken River, Fox Peak, Hanmer Springs, Mt. Cheeseman, Mt Dobson, Mt Lyford, Mt Olympus, Rainbow, Temple Basin, Porters.

*There is no access to Craigieburn Valley for Chill Passes in 2020

Chill Travel Pass: Coming soon. 2020 Chill Travel Passes will be available soon, please stay tuned!

Herein, ‘the ski areas‘.

Each ski area reserves the right to set its own terms and conditions relating to the use of its ski area and facilities.

Each ski area is free to determine the types of facilities operated by it and the dates and times at which those facilities will operate and be available for use by Chill Pass holders. Chill Pass holders can contact Chill for further information.

The Chill Pass is non-transferable and is valid for the use of the applicant only.

The Chill Pass holder is responsible for any unauthorized use of the Chill Pass, unless the Chill Pass has been reported lost or stolen. Replacement passes are $30.

The Chill Pass price is non-refundable but in some circumstances a portion of the value of the Chill Pass may be credited to the next season if a warranty option has been purchased. The terms and conditions of the warranty option apply.

Misconduct may result in the revocation of the Chill Pass with no refund. Any decision will be at the sole discretion of Chill in association with the relevant ski area. Misconduct includes reckless skiing or snowboarding, failure to obey all signs, closures and policies of the ski areas, failure to obey the skiers and snowboarder’s responsibility code, or breach of any other term or condition expressed or implied relating to the use of the ski areas.

Conditions of use as appear on individual ski area day tickets are fully applicable.

You need your Chill Pass to track-in and receive your day ticket. Day tickets are available upon presentation of the Chill Pass and signing a tracking form at the relevant ski area's ticket office. A current day pass must be displayed in order to access the ski area lifts. Please keep your Chill Pass with you at all times and present upon request.

One day's grace is available for Chill Full Season Pass holders who have been issued with their Chill Pass, but have forgotten it that day. This is done at the ski area's discretion. They may phone Chill in the event a Chill Full Season Pass is not present with the pass holder upon arrival at the ticket office. Chill will confirm the pass holders details and allow the pass holder to ski under this circumstance only once. The day's grace cannot be used on the Chill Travel Pass.

Chill in association with the ski areas may alter the terms and conditions applying to the Chill Pass at any time without notice.

The Chill Pass remains the property of Chill at all times.

Chill Passes can be upgraded for the difference in face value at the time of the upgrade, plus a $10 admin fee.

The pass holder may accompany a “buddy” to a ski area using 1 buddy day on their Travel Pass. Buddy days are part of the total days.

Please note:

• Offers from ski areas for Non-Ski day options can be changed at any time.
• Non-Ski Day Offers are not transferable for cash or to another person.
• Non-Ski Day Offer cannot be used in conjunction with another offer.
• Pass holder must have the intention of using the service / facilities.
• One clip per Ski Day Lift Pass and/or Non-Ski Day Offer.
• Season Pass with no clips on the pass cannot be used for Non-Ski Day Offers.
• Use of Non-Ski Day Offers forfeits one day of skiing per offer taken up.
• The Ten day Travel Pass is 10 clips that can be used throughout the 2020 winter season
• The Seven day Travel Pass is 7 clips that can be used throughout the 2020 winter season
• Chill Travel Pass - Buddy days are not valid at Porters

Student Passes:

• Anyone enrolled in a full-time course of study at a New Zealand or Australian tertiary institution during the ski season (proof of full-time enrollment must be shown to obtain a student pass, student ID is not sufficient proof of full-time study).
• If you load your first semester and fall below the full time points criteria for the second semester you do not qualify for the student rates.
• Apprenticeships do not qualify for student rates.
• The onus is on you to provide us with sufficient proof of full time study. If you cannot provide sufficient proof, a student pass will not be issued and you will be required to upgrade to an adult pass at the applicable sales period rate.

Any items hired by Chill must be returned by the us in the same condition that it was hired. We allow for wear and tear, including wear on brakes, flat tires and batteries and small running issues.

Gear and/or bikes returned that require new equipment and/or significant repair are at the cost of the hirer. Gear and/or bikes that are stolen or lost are the responsibility and cost of the hirer. Gear and/or bikes that are not able to be repaired are at the cost of the hirer.

A credit card is taken at the time of hire as security for return of the gear and/or bike. Any costs associated with the repair, loss or damage to the gear or bike at the time of the hire will be taken from the credit card. A report on the gear or bike condition and required repair will be presented to the hirer for consideration.

Forward Bookings: Full payment is required to forward book a bike. A refund less 15% deposit (admin fee) will be made if you cancel more than 14 days prior to start of hire.

No refund if you cancel 14 days or less prior to start.

Ability/age requirements: Our tours are suitable for anyone who can ride a bike. Our classic urban bikes are suitable for 14+ year olds but we can cater for younger riders on request (advance notice required).

Weather: We operate in all weather. Rain jacket offered if wet. Bike tours are changed to walking if weather not suitable to bike (at the discretion of Chill).

Full refund less 15% deposit (admin fee) if you cancel more than one month prior to start.

No refund if you cancel one month or less prior to start.

If the tour is cancelled by Chill due to circumstances outside our control, a refund less 15%. This is at the discretion of the guide, and safety is the most the most important consideration.

All participants are required to sign an enrollment, medical information and risk disclosure form before the tour commences.

Cancellation Policies:

-­ Full refund less 15% deposit (admin fee) if you cancel more than one month prior to start.

-­ No refund if you cancel one month or less prior to start.

-­ If the trip is postponed due to weather conditions on day one, a refund less 15%.

Cancellation Policies:

• If you cancel one month or less prior to course start there is no refund.

•­ If you cancel more than one month prior to start you can apply for a full refund less 15% admin fee.

•­ If the course is postponed due to weather conditions on day one, a refund or another course will be offered.

•­ A course can be postponed by Chill if there is not enough interest/confirmed bookings.

•­ Courses are non-transferable between the dates offered.

Please note: Chill will confirm in the week prior to the course whether the course is on as scheduled or not. If the course is cancelled, due to weather conditions or not enough participants, you can either apply for a refund or book for another course later in the season.