About the Chill Pass

Chill Passes allow you to ski at up to 11 ski areas across the South Island. The flexibility to ski in the Waitaki, Mackenzie, Canterbury, Kaikoura and Nelson Lakes Districts is what makes the Chill Pass truly New Zealand's ultimate multi-mountain ski and snowboard pass. The Ski Areas on the Chill Pass are unique, offering uncrowded slopes, awesome terrain, affordable skiing, great alpine camaraderie and convenient mountain lodge accommodation. Our premium pass is Chill12 Season Pass, allowing access upto 11 ski areas throughout the whole winter season.

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2020 Chill Pass Options

2020 Chill passes are available as Chill6 and Chill 12 Full Season or Chill12 30 Day Consecutive Passes. There are also Chill Travel Passes available as a shorter term option - there is a Chill 7 or 10 Day Travel Pass to be released in 2020.

Chill Full Season Pass offers great value skiing and riding in New Zealand's Southern Alps.

The Chill6 accesses the following Ski Areas in the Selwyn District;  Porters, Cheeseman, Broken River, Temple Basin and Mt Olympus.

The Chill12 accesses the six ski areas above plus Rainbow, Hanmer Springs, Mt Lyford, Fox Peak, Mt Dobson and Awakino.

*There is no access to Craigieburn Valley on the Chill Pass in 2020

The Chill12 pass is also available as a 30 Day Consecutive Pass. Perfect if you're just traveling through or have a limited amount of time, but want to get in as many ski days as possible. Get a whole month (30 Days consecutive) at up to 11 mountains.

The Chill Travel Pass will be released in 2020.

Age Groups

Chill Passes are split in to Adults, Student/Seniors, Youths and Children.

Adult: Open Age to 65 Years 

Student: Full Time at a Tertiary Institution in New Zealand or Australia during the ski season (proof of full-time enrollment must be shown to obtain a student pass, student ID is not sufficient proof of full-time study). The onus is on you to provide us with sufficient proof eligibility for Chill Pass rates where required. If you cannot provide sufficient proof, a pass will not be issued and we have to ask you to upgrade to a pass at the applicable rate.

Youth: 10 years - 18 years at 20th June 2020

Child: Under 10 years at 20th June 2020

Senior 65 Years or over: at 20th August 2020. Student Prices apply, proof may be required

There is also a new Chill Adult Parent Pass. This is available for people with someone 10 years and Under OR with a youth 11 - 18 years up until the 20th of June 2020. The Adult Parent Pass was introduced in 2016, it is available with Season Passes only and must be purchased at the same time as a full price Adult Season Pass.  Please note we require a Birth Certificate as proof of eligibility for the Parent Pass.  The Adult Parent Pass has the same unlimited access as the Adult Season Pass.

Chill Pass Discounts

Loyal Pass Holders, 2020 Ski Club Members, Introduce a Friend and Families purchasing Chill Passes are eligible for a discount.

2020 Chill Pass Deals:
- 2019 Chill Pass Holders - thanks for your loyal and continued support.

- Ski Club Members - paid up 2020 members of the participating ski clubs receive the Loyalty Rate. A current membership card must be presented at the time of pass pick-up or delivery.

- Introduce a Friend - apply for an Adult Chill Pass with a friend (Another Adult under the same application) and you'll receive $100 off each pass.

- Families - Loyal Rates are available for families with at least one adults and one child or youth when purchasing passes together. Click here to see a summary of rates for Family Passes.

When you order your pass simply choose the passes you want and apply for the Family Rate (Stage Two) - all passes on the applicable family rates page have already been discounted from standard rates.

To qualify for family rates you must still be living in the same house together (day to day - not for one week) and related by blood or marriage. The pass is intended to help out those with school age children (for example: Mature 'children' with a mortgage, two children and a dog are their own separate family unit and can not be purchased with the Grandparents who live independently).

 - Flatmates are not 'family'

 - 'Like family' is not 'family'

The same rates apply if you are eligible as both a Loyal Pass Holder and a Family (there is no additional discount).

2020 Adult Parent Pass - New for 2020 is the Adult Parent Pass, available as a second pass when purchasing a full price Adult Season Pass when you have a Child or Youth in the family.  There are two price options, an Adult Parent Pass in a family with a child 10 years and under up until the 20 June 2020 or an Adult Parent Pass with a youth aged 11 - 18 years up until the 20 June 2020.  The Parent Pass has the same unlimited access as the Adult Season Pass.

Note: There is no Chill6 Child Pass as it is free to ski at the six Selwyn NZ Ski Areas for 10 & Under. You must purchase a Youth Season Pass if you have a Youth in the family.  Similarly with the Chill12 you must purchase a Child and/or Youth Pass as part of the Adult Parent Pass mix.  There is one exception, if your child is under 5 years.

If you are uncertain what passes best suit your family or the price for your passes feel free to contact us here at Chill. Likewise if you are unsure if you qualify for family rates feel free to contact us. Email: explore@chillout.nz or phone +64 3 365 6530.


Season Pass Pricing

Different rates apply depending on when you purchase your Season Pass.

Keen As:Pricing applies for Chill Passes purchased on or before 29 February 2020.

Early Bird: Pricing applies for Chill Passes purchased on or before 31 May (EXTENDED from 15 April).

In Season: Pricing applies for Chill Passes purchased on and after 1 June 2020 and throughout the 2020 Season.

Please note payment must be received before the applicable date to qualify for the rate specified.

Students Please Note:

- If you load your first semester and fall below the full time points criteria for the second semester you do not qualify for the student rates.

- Apprenticeships do not qualify for student rates.

- The onus is on you to provide us with sufficient proof of full time study. If you cannot provide sufficient proof, a student pass will not be issued and you will be required to upgrade to an adult pass at the current applicable sales period rate.

Contact Us:

If you have a question please get in touch, you can ring on 03 365 6530, email explore@chillout.nz or come in and see us at the Chill Studio Ground Floor, Awly Building 287 Durham St North Christchurch. We're open Monday 8.30am-5.30pm, Tuesday to Friday 8 am - 5.30 pm and Saturdays 10 - 4pm.

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