Chill 2020  Warranty Information

The Chill Pass Warranty is useful if you get injured during the season leading up to the 31st of August 2020 or if you have a change of circumstances leading up to the 3rd of July 2020.

Find out all the information about the Chill Pass Warranty here. You can opt out of the Pass Warranty at time of purchase.

Chill offers a series of warranties that provide the flexibility to transfer the full or part value of your pass to the following year should you decide the snow conditions are not to your liking or if you obtain an injury early in the season.

The warranty price is $55 on adult/student/senior passes, $25 on youth passes, and $15 on child passes. For families, see the below pricing structure for warranty prices:

1. Adult & Parent Pass for 10 and Under: Bundle price: $65 (was $110)
2. Adult & Parent Pass for 11 -18 Years: Bundle price - $85 (was $110)
Add Child: $15 (was $25)
Add Youth: $25 (was $45)

The 2020 warranty policy is listed below, please read carefully. Please note, Chill Passes are not refundable under any circumstances.

1. Without purchasing the 2020 warranty option, the value of your Chill Pass is non-transferable from one year to the next under any circumstances, this applies to all types of Chill Pass.

       1. a) Please note that passholders who choose not to purchase a Warranty prior to 12th May 2020 will have their pass value (less 20% admin fee) transferred to 2021 if the Ski Areas do not open for 2020 winter.

2. The warranty option fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

3. The Warranty Option is only available when purchased concurrently with (at the same time as) your Chill pass. We are now offering a retroactive purchase of a warranty until 12th May 2020.

4. If you purchase a warranty option Chill will transfer up to 100% of the price you paid for your Chill Pass to the following season if:

a. you suffer an injury or sickness before 31 August 2020 which prevents your participation in skiing or snowboarding for the rest of the 2020 Season; or
b. you are not satisfied with the snow conditions for the 2020 season up to 3 July 2020
c. if no ski areas open in the 2020 Winter Season due to Covid-19 restrictions we will transfer the value of your pass to 2021 less the warranty.

5. If you make a warranty claim and Chill accepts that claim, then the value of the claim is only available as a credit towards the purchase by you of a Chill Pass at full cost for the following season. In no circumstances will Chill make any cash payment as a result of a warranty claim. The credit available as a result of an accepted warranty claim in 2019 is only available for the 2020 season and is not transferable from the purchaser of the Warranty Option to any other person.

6. No warranty claims for snow conditions may be made after 3 July 2020.

7. If you need to claim against your Warranty Option for sickness or injury, Chill must receive your written request within 5 days after you suffer an injury or sickness which prevents your participation in skiing or snowboarding for the rest of the 2020 Season. Reoccurring injuries will be considered on a case by case basis. No warranty claims for sickness or injury may be made after 31 August 2020.

8. When presenting your claim you must provide a covering letter of explanation and 2020 Chill Pass. With a sickness or injury claim provide a medical certificate detailing the date of the first medical treatment and prognosis, also stating that you are unable to ski or board, and the length of time the illness or injury will prevent participation. Receipt of doctor's visit is not accepted as a medical certificate.

9. When a warranty claim is made the claimant ceases to have any right to use the 2020 Chill Pass.

10. The value of the credit available for the 2021 season if a warranty claim is accepted is determined by the number of days you have used your Chill Pass at the time of making your warranty claim. The calculation will be as follows.

a. Chill will assume that the full value of your Chill Season Pass represents 14 days use.
b. The value of the credit available is reduced proportionately by the number of days that you have used the Chill Pass before making a warranty claim as shown in the following example.
c. E.g. if you have used your Chill Season Pass 2 days the value by pro rata is 12/14 (= 6/7 of value of pass).
d. The value of the credit is 100% of the price you paid for your 2020 Chill Pass multiplied by the proportion of the price calculated on the basis set out in clause C.

For example, if you paid $905 (GST inclusive) for your pass and used your Chill Pass for 2 days before making a warranty claim that was accepted, the credit available to you for the 2021 season will be:
$905 multiplied by 12/14 equals $775.71.
Credit available $775.71.

11. All 2020 warranty options are valid for the 2021 winter season. If the Warranty Option is not taken in the 2021 season the Warranty Option expires.

12. All warranty claims are subject to Chill's discretion and approval - Chill's interpretation of the above conditions is final.

13. A warranty claimant is ineligible for a loyalty rate for the next year.

14. A warranty is assigned to each pass individually, including family grouped passes. A family wide warranty cannot be claimed unless there is a family Covid-19 case requiring isolation or Covid-19 trading restrictions (under Level 3 &4).

15. The reprint charge for new passes in 2021 is $10. The current reprint fee will apply to any warranty claim at the time of printing.

16. If there are Inter Island Travel Restrictions for the winter season, pass holders permanent residence is in the North Island will be considered as having the ski areas closed. This extends to South Island Regional travel restrictions if there are no Chill Ski Areas operating in the Region of your permanent residence.

17. If all Ski Areas are forced to close due to Covid-19 trading restrictions (Level 3 & 4) prior to 31 August, a warranty can be claimed under the same terms as Injury or Sickness.