Summer Challenge: Nelson

March 20th-22nd 2020

The Summer Challenge is an exciting brand-new event being launched onto the New Zealand adventure sporting calendar, but there’s a catch, it’s for women only!

The event is the design of Nelson endurance athlete Nathan Fa’avae, who is the 6-time Adventure Racing World Champion. Nathan and his wife Jodie run the infinitely popular Spring Challenge now in its 13th year. With the success of the Spring Challenge, they wanted to diversify the opportunities for women to experience adventure and have a good reason to enjoy an active and vibrant summer. The Summer Challenge is for teams of 3-women, with each team needing a support crew. The event involves kayaking, mountain biking and hiking, and in true adventure racing fashion, there is navigation involved. The race works by teams navigating their way through a series of checkpoints, and the team do all the stages together from start to finish.

Catering for all abilities the challenge has beginner, intermediate and advanced options, these transpire into the 3, 6 and 9-hour race divisions, which are the predicted winning times for the respective options. While it’s a race, it’s mainly an adventure, a chance for a group of women to do something unique, rewarding and fun. The inaugural event will be staged in Nelson, because seriously, where else could you have it other than the summer capital of New Zealand.

The Fa'avae family have their Chill Passes for the season and looking forward to getting out there!

Chill Alpine Features Nathan and Jodie Faavae


The Chill Pass

Chill Passes allow you to ski at up to 11 ski areas across the South Island. The flexibility to ski in the Waitaki, Mackenzie, Canterbury, Kaikoura and Nelson Lakes Districts is what makes the Chill Pass truly New Zealand's ultimate multi-mountain ski and snowboard pass. There are two types of passes, the Season Pass with unlimited access during the season, and the Travel Pass with a set number of clips for skiing and non-ski day options.