Bike Tube Recycle Program

Here at Chill, we seem to accumulate a lot of old bicycle tire tubes, much in part due to repairing tire punctures. This got us thinking about how we could be reusing these tubes instead of throwing them away. Here are our top five favourite uses for our old bike tubes. Feel free to grab a tube or two next time you are in the shop to complete your next DIY project and let us know your favourite uses for these versatile items.

1. Exercise Resistance Bands

Think downhill mountain bike tubes for greater resistance and road tire tubes for easier resistance. Now you have no excuse not to do some strengthening exercises since it won't cost you a thing!

2. Tie Down Straps on Roof Racks

Instead of buying those expensive ski or surfboard racks, just tie down your favourite adventure toys with tire inner tubes. You can even use tubes to cover the metal on the roof rack cross bars so you don't scratch your precious cargo and it also acts as another adhesive layer.

3. Rubber Bands

You can cut an old road bike tube very thin to use as rubber bands. Think about this...using your old road bike tube rubber band to hold together your spare tube in your saddle bag. That's like tube cannibalism, isn't it?

4. Handle Grips

For your most precious bike tools or even your gardening tools, ice axes, and more!

5. Shims

We get it, you want to protect your bike, but you also want to put on a GPS computer or a bike light on your bike. Use a sliver of bike tube between your bike and the mount to protect your bike from scratching from the mount. You can also use bike tubes as a chainstay protector on your mountain bike.